This Sugar Scrub is natural, mild, and has a yummy tropical fruit scent. Imagine yourself on an island as you rejuvenate, hydrate, and exfoliate the skin. Loaded with skin nourishing oils and vitamin E, Acai Berry Sugar Scrub is perfect for all types of skin best used in shower or tub.

Acai Berry Sugar Scrub

  • NOTE: Keep the jar closed when not in use. Avoid water dripping into an open jar. Water dissolves sugar!
    WARNING: Tub/shower floor may be slippery after use. Use caution while standing or exiting the tub/shower.

  • Coconut Oil; Avocado Oil; Coco Butter; Shea Butter; Beeswax; Jojoba Oil; Vitamin E Oil; Vitamin C powder; Arrowroot powder; vegetable glycerin; poppy seeds; Optiphen; red&purple colorant