Our Citrus Mango Butter is produced from the cold pressed oil extracted from the peels of fresh oranges and blended with an organic unrefined mango butter to create a sweet and tantalizing scented butter with a fluffy texture. Orange peel oil is renowned for the fresh, tangy, and sweet aroma that comes with its numerous beneficial skin properties. This butter exhibits excellent spread ability on the skin, making it an ideal choice for a massage butter.

***PLEASE be mindful that while our butters come in 4 and 8 ounce containers, they are VERY fluffy and light which means that the net weight will vary! Also, please consider that we will do our best to make sure that your butters arrive in tact during the grueling summer months but due to the nature of this natural product that may not always be the case. Our butters do not contain synthetic materials of any kind and this product melts in high temperature environments. This may alter the LOOK of the product but NOT the quality. Once cooled, your butters will solidify and are able to be used. If you are not pleased with the texture afterwards, simply whip with a hand mixer and it will retain it's wonderfully whipped finish!***

Citrus Mango Whipped Body Butter

  • IMPORTANT: Due to the all-natural ingredients, please be aware that melting may occur during shipping. Do not fret! Our body butter will return to its fluffy texture in a few short hours (the volume may decrease since it is whipped. To expedite this process, you may refrigerate. This will not affect the product's moisturizing properties. Just take a small amount, melted it between your hands, and massage it onto your skin.

  • Mango Butter; Shea Butter; Coco Butter; Coconut Oil; Jojoba Oil; Avocado Oil; Vitamin-E Oil; Vitamin C powder  Lemon, Orange and Mango essential oils